Asia Entrepreneur Congress
Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore: 4th - 5th August 2012 (9am to 6pm)

Asia Entrepreneur Congress 2012 is an ANNUAL CHARITY Event Organized by Pte Ltd. All ticket and event proceeds will be donated to our selected charity - The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

Featuring a lineup of entrepreneurs in a diverse range of industries - We promise you will benefit from being up-close and personal with these successful business owners & entrepreneurs.

Unlike other 'pitch-fest' seminars, there will be NO selling of high-ticket products or courses here!

Instead, come and learn from experienced entrepreneurs, both their successes and failures so YOU TOO can become a SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR!

Program Schedule
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Day 1 Program Schedule

9am to 9:30am – Opening and Introduction by Fabian Lim

Asia Entrepreneur Congress Welcome, Opening and Introduction by Fabian Lim

9:30am to 11am – The Missing Link by Ken Chee

Ken Chee will share with you his amazingly simple, yet ultra effective 3-step business building formula that built Ken not 1 but 2 Multi-Million Dollar Empires:

- The marketing system that will Quadruple your profits overnight (An astonishing, yet practical way of marketing used by ALL millionaire entrepreneurs… yet ignored by 99% of business owners)

- How to establish and differentiate yourself in the market by creating a brand that instantly connects with your customer’s mind… Literally bringing you raving fans from around the world.

- Instantly learn the ‘insider’ secret to ultimate time freedom – The holy grail of successful entrepreneurship.

- How to make $90,000 in 2 weeks with nothing more than an idea, some ink and a few sheets of paper – You won’t even believe how simple this can be.

- And much much more…

11:30am to 1pm – Charisma & Personal Branding by Genecia Luo

Learn from beauty queen and successful entrepreneur, Genecia Luo, as she shares proven strategies on how to develop positive charisma and powerful personal branding as an entrepreneur. These are the same strategies used by media personalities,beauty queens,CEOs and even celebrities in ASIA!

Here’s what Genecia Luo will share with you:
- How to engage with your charisma
- How to excite others with your brand
- How to excel to achieve results that you want

1pm to 2pm – Lunch Break

2pm to 3:30pm – Topic TBA by Patrick Cheo (CEO, Adam Khoo Group)

4pm to 5:30pm – Discover Your Entrepreneur IQ by Stuart Tan

Find out whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur!

Participate in Stuart Tan’s ‘HANDS-ON’ ENTREPRENEUR PROFILING session to:
- Profile your inner drive, strengths and weaknesses
- Plan your development so that when you grow, your business grows
- Gear yourself psychologically for success in business

This is an EXCLUSIVE profiling session only available at Asia Entrepreneur Congress!

5:30pm to 6pm – Day 1 Q&A and Closing

Day 2 Program Schedule

9am to 10:30am – Franchising by Wei Chan

Franchising is a popular business model and quick way to get started in the world of business and entrepreneurship. McDonald’s, Subway & Dominos Pizza are examples of household brands in the franchise world.

But franchising has its pros as well as potential pitfalls.

Learn from experienced entrepreneur, Wei Chan,  owner of Pine Garden and founder of Baguette – The Viet Inspired Deli and Next Door Deli, about the pros and cons of franchising as a business model.

11am to 1pm – Internet Entrepreneurship by Simon Leung

The internet has revolutionized how business is conducted in a deep and profound manner.

Gone are the days of traditional cold-calling and one-to-one meetings… With the internet, ANYONE can start a successful online business at a cost of less than $200/year.

Let Simon Leung, ex-Google employee, share with you SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE strategies on how to start a successful business using the internet!

1pm to 2pm – Lunch Break

2pm to 3pm – Building An Asian Sporting Brand by Victor Cui

We are honored to have Victor Cui, CEO of One Fighting Championship (OneFC) come share with us how he built OneFC to become one of Asia’s leading sporting brand.

Prior to launching ONE Fighting Championship™, Victor spent six years with the Event Management Group of Asia’s No. 1 sports broadcaster – ESPN STAR Sports (ESS).

He successfully led the event business development across Asia and project-led some of the biggest sporting properties and television-event partnerships in the region.

You won’t want to miss his amazing presentation!

3:15pm to 4:45pm – How To Get RICH by Bellum Tan

5pm to 5:30pm – Discover Your Entrepreneur IQ by Stuart Tan (Part 2)

5:30pm to 6pm – Charity Cheque Presentation & Closing

Speaker Lineup
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Patrick Cheo

CEO, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

Patrick is a co-founder of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) and oversees the entire group of businesses, across more than 5 countries. His primary role is leading the management team in developing the business to the next level. AKLTG is a familiar brand to many. However, what is not obvious is that the man…

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Fabian Lim
Fabian Lim

CEO, Pte Ltd

Fabian is currently CEO, Pte Ltd, Asia’s largest internet training academy. Having personally trained over 4,000 graduates in his popular REAL Internet Secrets program in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan, Fabian has mastered the art of teaching complete newbies and seasoned marketers alike how to start an online business from the comfort of their…

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Bellum Tan - Rich Dad Asia
Bellum Tan

CEO, Rich Dad Asia

Mr Bellum Tan, the CEO of RichDad’s Training (S.E.A.) Pte Ltd have more than 30 years in operating a group of companies and have successfully applied RichDad concepts of investment to attain Financial Freedom. He will provide all participants with the right mindset necessary to obtain their financial goals and give them a chance to…

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Genecia Luo

Founder, InQueenz

Genecia Luo is a celebrity charisma and personal branding coach who help others to look good and feel good to achieve results. She is South East Asia Woman of Excellence 2010, and Miss Singapore Universe. Besides being regularly featured on TV, Genecia also contributes articles to on her pet topic “Charisma & Leadership”. Genecia…

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Simon Leung
Simon Leung

Co-Founder, AimVenture Corporation

Simon Leung, known all across the Internet Marketing industry as the “Google Insider,” is one of the leading experts in maximizing search engine and traffic generation results with the world’s best search engine through Search Engine Marketing (SEM). More specifically, Simon can teach anyone, even a complete Internet Marketing newbie, how to master Pay-Per-Click (PPC),…

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Ken Chee
Ken Chee

CEO, 8 Investments Pte Ltd

Ken Chee started his very first business, a branding and marketing agency, with only $9 in 2002. In 18 months, he generated over $1.4 million in revenue and now counts key brands such as Panasonic, Lexus, Toyota, Hugo BOSS, DBS Bank, Singapore Pools, Seraya Energy and ST Electronics among his clientele. In recognition of his…

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Wei Chan
Wei Chan

Business Development Director, Pine Garden Cake

Mr. Wei Chan is, in our opinion, an entrepreneur in his own rights. Formerly a Regional Marketing Manager from a US based ship simulation MNC, Wei Chan quit his job on 1 March 2003 to embark on his entrepreneurial journey with its HDB cum heartlander based family owned bakery, Pine Garden’s Cake. The latter pride…

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Stuart Tan
Stuart Tan

Licensed NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Training Consultant

Stuart Tan MBA, BA (Hons), S.D.C.G. Licensed NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Training Consultant Pan South-East Asia Toastmasters Evaluation Speech Champion Stuart is a psychologist who has been a trainer since 1994, and focuses on positive psychological development of entrepreneurs, leaders and teams through Psychological Capital (PsyCap) measures and through psychometric profiling and high impact competency-based…

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Victor Cui
Victor Cui

CEO and Owner, ONE Fighting Championship™

As the CEO and Owner of ONE Fighting Championship™, it is no surprise that Victor Cui was recently recognized as The Most Powerful Man in Asian MMA. You only have to see Victor’s personal background to understand why his career trajectory has created a brand new paradigm for sports marketing in Asia. Born in Canada,…

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