Stuart Tan
Licensed NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Training Consultant

Stuart Tan MBA, BA (Hons), S.D.C.G.
Licensed NLP Trainer, Certified NLP Training Consultant
Pan South-East Asia Toastmasters Evaluation Speech Champion

Stuart is a psychologist who has been a trainer since 1994, and focuses on positive psychological development of entrepreneurs, leaders and teams through Psychological Capital (PsyCap) measures and through psychometric profiling and high impact competency-based training on the speaking platform.

He holds an MBA from the Western Michigan University, and is due to complete his Executive Master of Science in Organizational Psychology and Human Resources from City University Of New York (CUNY) in 2011. He currently researches on aspects performance enhancement using psychometrics and explores their application to increase engagement and maximize job fit for selection, transfer of training and coaching effects to job performance, and leadership influence on team motivation.

He is an accredited administrator of various profiling instruments including the TAIS, FIRO-B, Strong Interest Inventory, MBTI and Hogan Suite Of Assessments for individual, team and leadership development through training and coaching.

Stuart received his trainer’s license in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from the founder, Dr. Richard Bandler, in 1997 and 2005, and has also been trained by Robert Dilts of the NLP University with updated skills and knowledge in the field of NLP in 2004 as an NLP Training Consultant.

Stuart co-developed multiple training programs for various companies, including personal mastery, team performance and leadership enhancement programs, including Singapore Technologies Group, Fullerton Financial Holdings (a China subsidiary of Temasek Holdings), the Ministries Of Defence and Manpower (Singapore), Nestle, 3Com, NUS, DSTA, Frisian Flag, among others.

He has been interviewed and featured in various media such as Live 938FM, NUSS Graduate Magazine, The Aspirant, Today and The Graduate. He is also the bestselling co-author of “Master Your Mind, Design Your Destiny” with Adam Khoo (2004) and bestselling author of “The Secrets Of Internet Millionaires” (2007).

One of his expert modeling projects was conducted with the SAF Shooting Contingent where he identified the methodology for expert shooting and transferred them to new shooters. The SAFSC came in champions in ASEAN in 2002. He has modeled and developed training programs surrounding public speakers, fast learners, leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs.

In 2002, he was the Champion of the Toastmasters District 51 Evaluation Speech contest, competing against 12 other contestants from 8 different countries.

Stuart is a qualified counselor, trauma therapist and an executive coach. He received his postgraduate diploma from the Temasek Polytechnic where he was trained under the late Mr. Anthony Yeo, widely regarded as the father of counseling in Singapore.